Past Talks

04/04/2016 Kelly M Haston - Finkbeiner Lab

"Modeling dysfunction at the neuromuscular junction in induced pluripotent stem cells derived from ALS patients."

04/25/2016 Yalda Shahriari - Hu Lab

"Brain Connectivity Analysis in Parkinson’s Disease"

05/02/2016 Nadege Morisot - Ron Lab

"mTORC1 in the orbitofrontal cortex drives habitual alcohol responding”

02/22/2016 Adam Ross - Cheyette Lab

"Dendritic spine and excitatory synapse development in pyramidal neurons is regulated by the psychiatric susceptibility gene DIXDC1 via the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway"

02/08/2016 Bradley Colquitt - Brainard Lab

"High-resolution topographic analysis of gene expression in the song system of songbirds"

02/01/2016 Corinne Nielsen - Wang Lab

"Inhibition of Notch signaling mitigates Notch4*-induced brain arteriovenous malformation in mice"

01/25/2016 Chan Lek Tan - Knight Lab

"Temperature control by the warm-sensitive neurons of the preoptic"

12/14/2015 Magnus Sandberg - Rubenstein Lab

"Nkx2.1 - the transcriptional foundation of medial ganglionic eminence development"

11/30/2015 Yalda Shahriari - Xiao Lab

"Multichannel Characterization of Brain Activity in Neurological Impairments"

11/23/2015 Donna Werling - State Lab

"Toward understanding sex bias in autism by analysis of gene expression in brain"

11/16/2015 Christina Arrigoni - Minor Lab

"An unfolding transition in a cytosolic domain controls voltage-gated channel activation"

11/09/2015 David Mets - Brainard Lab

"Genetic influences on a complex learned phenotype"

10/26/2015 Francesca Otrabella - Guo Lab

"When zebrafish get high: dissecting the cannabinoid signaling and associated behaviors"

10/12/2015 Stefanie Makinson - Paz Lab

"Paradoxical thalamic hyperexcitability in Dravet syndrome: A new target for seizure control?"

10/05/2015 Jacob Ericksen - Edwards Lab

"Protons Regulate Vesicular Glutamate Transport through an Allosteric Mechanism"

09/21/2015 YuanQuan Song - Jan Lab

"What can flies tell us about degeneration and regeneration?"

09/14/2015 Carlos Pantoja - Isacoff Lab

"Neuromodulatory Control of Behavioral Individuality"

08/31/2015 Rick McKenney - Vale Lab

"The Molecular Mechanism of Cytoplasmic Dynein Regulation During Intra-Neuronal Transport Provides Insight Into Neurodegenerative Disease"

08/17/2015 Amelie Griveau - Rowitch Lab

"Oligodendrocyte precursor-like cells promote Wnt7 signaling and vascular co-option in glioma"

08/10/2015 Kassandra Ori-Mckenney - Jan Lab

"The Down syndrome critical kinase, Minibrain/DYRK1a, controls dendrite morphogenesis through direct regulation of the microtubule cytoskeleton."

07/13/2015 Jia Hu - Rubenstein Lab

"Genetic Regulation of and Spatial Bias in Parvalbumin-Somatostatin Interneuron Fate Decision"

06/29/2015 Xi Feng - Rosi Lab

"Fractionated cranial irradiation induces monocyte accumulation in the CNS and impairs hippocampal dependent cognition in mice"

06/15/2015 Robert Krencik - Ullian Lab

"Exploration into the Astrocellular Origins of Human Neurodevelopmental Syndromes"

06/08/2015 George Lemieux - Ashrafi Lab

"The intersection of neural and metabolic circuits that enables behavioral plasticity in C. elegans"

06/01/2015 Wei Zhang - Jan Lab

"Study on functions and gating mechanisms of a Drosophila mechanosensitive channel"

05/18/2015 Anke Dijkstra - Seeley Lab

"von Economo neurons and fork cells: a neurochemical signature linked to monoaminergic function"

05/04/2015 Erika Yeh - Weiss Lab

"Ras pathway in neuronal maturation: Modeling neurodevelopment in patient-derived iPSCs"

04/27/2015 Lauren Haack - Pfiffner Lab

"Culturally Sensitive School-Home Behavioral Program for Latino Children with ADHD"

04/20/2015 Marion Langen - Wu & Altschuler Labs

"The Developmental Rules of Neural Superposition in Drosophila"

04/06/2015 Yu Fu - Stryker Lab

"A neural circuit that controls cortical state and adult plasticity in mouse"

02/09/2015 Caroline Niziolek - Biomagnetic Imaging Lab

"Auditory self-monitoring catches speech errors before they happen"

02/02/2015 Sahar Esmaeeli - Sherr Lab

"De Novo mutations in KIF1A cause progressive encephalopathy and brain atropy"

12/15/2014 Ramon Pla - Rubenstein Lab

"New roles of DLX1/2 genes on Parvalbumin cells and synaptogenesis"

12/01/2014 Gina Renetti Vargas - Bender Lab

"Postnatal development of Parvalbumin inhibitory synapses in prefrontal cortex"

11/03/2014 William Krause - Ingraham Lab

10/27/2014 Feng Liu - Ron Lab

"Dual regulationg of CRMP-2 contributes to neuroadaptations underlying excessive alcohol drinking behaviours"

10/20/2014 Stephanie Correa - Ingraham Lab

"Estrogen-responsive TAC1 neurons in the hypothalamus selectively regulate female physical activity"

10/06/2014 Jennifer Rakotomamonjy - Reichardt Lab

09/22/2014 Mike Gavino - Davis Lab

"Homeostatic Control of Neurotransmitter Release"

09/08/2014 Bridgette Semple - Noble Lab

"Seizure susceptibility after traumatic injury to teh pediatric brain - a role for inflammation?"

08/25/2014 Maja Petkovic - Yuh Nung Jan Lab

"ER and membrane contact sites in neuronal morphogenesis - story of SEC22B"

08/11/2014 Daniel Vogt - Rubenstein Lab

"The role of PTEN in the development of GABAergic cortical interneurons: new insights from conditional knockout mice and an in vivo autism-allele screening assay"

07/07/2014 Sarat Vatsavayai - Seeley Lab

"Characterizing molecular pathogenesis in early C9ORF72 associated frontotemporal dementia"

06/23/2014 Ainhoa Echeverria - Chan Lab

"Visual experience dependent myelination plasticity"

06/09/2014 Panos Theofilas - Grinberg Lab

"The role of the brainstem in Alzheimer's Disease pathogenesis"

05/19/2014 Sohila Zadran - Swanson Lab

"Non-Equilibrium thermodynamics of reactionve oxygen species in the CNS"

04/21/2014 Vincent Warnault - Ron Lab

"BDNF Val68Met polymorphism promotes compulsive alcohol drinking which is rescued by TrkB activation"

04/14/2014 Elyssa Margolis - Fields Lab

"What makes Opioids addicting?"

03/31/2014 Praneeti Pathipati - Ferriero Lab

03/17/2014 Odessa Yabut - Pleasure Lab